The Intimacy Interviews

The Intimacy Interviews by Ashley Skeen cover

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I want us to talk. I mean like really, really talk. I want us to talk about the thing that tends to be our downfall and our salvation. That’s right, I want to talk about romantic love and intimacy and passion and heartbreak and all of the little things that exist between all of these words.

So begins the letter that Ashley Skeen shared on social media and after receiving nearly 100 responses, she dedicated a year of her life to talking with women and sharing their stories. What follows in these pages is a vulnerability that happens only when one is given the safe space to speak her truth. Women of all ages, scattered across the United States and sexuality spectrum were interviewed.

Some spoke from the white-hot center of heartbreak while others were able to view their pain from a calm place of hindsight and resilience. Others found complete joy in their union and shared their journey to get to that place. Throughout this experience, Ashley delved into searching her own soul to figure out where she kept going wrong with love and relationships, so while each chapter holds a wholly unique story of a different woman, it also tells of Ashley—revelations from her past and stories from her present. Part memoir and part storytelling The Intimacy Interviews is a real glimpse into what it means to be a woman in love, pain or confusion.