Ashley Skeen on a couch

Ashley Skeen was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia. She left home to chase the ocean and earned her master's degree in Marine Science at UNC Wilmington. From there, she moved to the Rockies where she worked as a coat check girl, a store manager, a waitress and a bank teller. Since moving back home, Ashley has been teaching yoga and tending bar. But she's always been a writer.

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Andi—Off the Mat

Andi’s email to me is entitled “Support, Insight, and Catharsis” and in the body she tells me that she has a hard time getting out of her head when it comes to her relationship with her fiancé Rob. Her head is a place of insecurity, of seeking perfection in herself and sabotaging her own happiness.

This Too Shall Pass….

A few weeks ago, I completed my final interview for the book I am writing.  I was feeling like I had just wrapped up the most transformative year of my life.  I felt changed and accomplished and happy and hopeful.  I felt like I had finally gotten my shit together.  So then of course the Universe said Oh

The Intimacy Interviews….A Year Later

A year ago I published a letter on this blog.  I want us to talk, I said.  The responses started coming in droves, their content as varied as the women sending them.  And it appeared I had a project on my hands.  And so I began interviewing and I began writing. It all started with